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Are you looking to purchase online business or buy website? Are you uncertain which one to buy and need help in making a confident decision? Need assistance in determining several aspects of a successful profitable online business including statistics, legitimacy and uniqueness? Want to decipher hidden facts that website sellers might not have explicitly mentioned? Want to know the exact worth of a business? You have come to the right place.

We have been in website trade for more than a decade and operate several e-commerce businesses. Our mission is to share our experience in the field of buying and selling websites and online businesses through our quality listing and customized consultation services. As a potential website buyer, you know that statistics alone are not enough for buying a business. Our seasoned website consultants and business specialists help you put critical questions in front of the website seller related to website infrastructure and business logic. And we are not just talking, at WebsiteTrade.com we offer 
Website Valuation  services in cooperation with our partner nEquity, a global website investment advisory firm.

Selling your website or online business for which you worked hard is not easy. To fulfill your exit strategy, you as a website seller have to make sure that your business gets proper exposure to the potential buyers and you get the value worth the effort you put in. At WebsiteTrade.com we offer unique benefits to the online business sellers by offering attractive ads and business presentation at highly competitive prices. Not only website buyers are important to us, we put in similar efforts to guide website sellers as well, thereby enhancing and strengthening our platform for both parties. We have hugely invested on marketing and search engine visibility in order to reach potential buyers and web businesses for sales. Putting your online business for sale, not only made easy but effective as well.

Our vision is to make sure that all websites are traded legitimately, successfully and profitably.

At WebsiteTrade we produly announce our 
Franchise opportunity  for German, French, Spanish and other languages. Our franchisee will use WebsiteTrade's existing system and will run their independent business in respective territories. Please contact us for more details regarding our franchise offer.


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