Writing Articles-and their submission


Writing Articles

What are article submissions?

By far one of the most effective ways of improving your search engine rankings is through writing and submitting articles. But what are article submissions and just why are they so important?

What you need to do as a webmaster is write an article about something related to the subject of your website. For example, if you ran a website about sporting collectables you could write an article about how others could become collectors, or how to value items - basically anything you want to so long as it relates to your website topic. Somewhere in the article you include a link to your website, and you then submit your article to 'article directories' on the Internet. An article directory is a repository of lots of articles that people have submitted.

Why are they so effective?

For every article directory that publishes your article you'll get a link to your website (the link you included in your article), and also other websites might 'pick-up' your article to publish on their own website - meaning you get even more links. So the more places you can publish your article, the more links you'll get. Of course, you need to write a good quality article so that your article is published.

The reason article submissions are so effective is because each article is published on its own unique webpage, meaning your link might be the only external link on that page, which gives your link full 'strength'. Also, because the article is based on the theme of your website your link is given even more strength. It really is a great way of building powerful links to your website.

Distributing Your Article

So now you’ve written your article, you need to distribute it to article directories. The more article directories you can submit to the better because it mean more links. A good place to start is with the three biggest article directories:

Ezine Article - www.ezinearticles.com
GoArticles - www.goarticles.com
Articles Base - www.articlesbase.com

If you search for 'article directory list' then you will quickly find a list of other article directories you can submit to. However you'll probably, like me, find the process of submitting your article can be very tedious – it can be difficult to find an up-to-date list of directories, and also it takes time to type your details over and over again. There is an article submission tool available called SubmitEaze, which makes the whole process much more manageable.

Description: SubmitEaze Article Submission

How can SubmitEaze Help?

The problem with article directories is that many of them require you register before you can submit, which is a real pain. But this is no longer a problem! SubmitEaze incorporates an automatic registration tool so you can register with hundreds of directories in no time at all. It can even log into your Email account and process the account activation Emails automatically!

There is also a text randomization for the article Title, Description, Body, and Author biography fields, so that you can write something like "The {quick|slow} {yellow|brown} fox jumps over the lazy {dog|elephant}" and SubmitEaze will construct different sentences such as:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
The slow yellow fox jumps over the lazy elephant
The slow brown box jumps over the lazy elephant
and so on....

You can do this for single words, sentences, or even paragraphs. You can even nest randomizations within randomizations! The benefit of this is that you can submit different article text to each directory, ensuring each article is unique, and therefore maximizes SEO effectiveness.

Sound good so far? Well, there's more...

SubmitEaze doesn't just stop at the submission stage, no no no(!), it will even log into your directory accounts and automatically check the article published status, when it was published, and how many times your article has been viewed - pretty cool 'eh! If you're interested, then have a watch of the article submission video demo so you can see for yourself.


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