Our Prices:

We offer 100% free regular listings for 90 days. With Regular listings buyers can contact sellers, however, the sellers must upgrade their membership to ‘Premier’, to reply the inquiries of website buyers.

Our Premier listings cost just

 $19 for 90 days (for websites), and

 $9 for 90 days   (for domains).


Bulk Packages:

We do offer bulk packages for brokers and website sellers who want to sell their multiple websites and domains. With bulk packages our sellers save upto 70% off the normal price.
Below are our hot selling bulk packages.


    Buy Bulk Small                                           Buy Bulk Regular                                    Buy Bulk Master Inc. (Ohio, USA) is a payment facilitator for goods and services provided by Website Trade.


Guidelines & Conditions

- For All bulk packages only 3 premier listings per day are allowed.
- All the listings must be placed within the package validity period.
- All the listings must be placed with a single username.
- Porn sites/content is not allowed.
- All the listings will be manually reviewed before they go live.
- The listing approval duration is between 1-24 hours depending on the time when you place your listing. The approval process might be slow on weekends.
- Once a Listing has been placed, The “site name” and “site URL” fields on sell page will not be editable for that listing.
- The listings should not contain any URL pointing to some offensive material or site.
- The Websitetrade market place will solely be used for Website & domain for sale business. Any other activity without permission may cause the termination of account without any refund and permanent ban.
- Any kind of spamming inside the listings are strictly prohibited.


We are striving hard to make a safe, reliable and trusted market place for trading websites and domains. We expect from users to make fair use of Websitetrade marketplace.


Payment can be sent directly to our

  1. Paypal Account :  or
  2. Moneybookers Account :  info(at)


Please email us your user id once you have sent the payment.

For further questions regarding our bulk packages feel free to contact us at  info(at)


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