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  1. Website Trade does not authenticate the material and information available on the websites for sale at www.Websitetrade.com (websites). Website Trade does not control the content accessible on the websites. Any views, representations or opinions, and all other material present on the websites, are solely those of the website owner, or website owner's designated   representative.
  2. The information enclosed in the listings on Website Trade has been solely provided by the seller himself and has not been verified by our corporation. We make no guarantee, warranty or representation about it. It is your liability to autonomously confirm its accuracy and completeness - including, but not limited to, ownership of any website or domain listed in the system. You and your advisors should carry out a careful, independent investigation of the website to determine the suitability of the website for your needs.
  3. selling and buying websites must engage in their own due diligence to assure the validity of any transaction. The services of an expert person like attorney or accountant are advised to be taken for safe and secure transactions. Website Trade does not provide legal advice. Website Trade does not provide tax advice.
  4. To the extent permitted by law, Website Trade disclaims all warranties with regard to the information and applications contained on our website, and all websites available for sale,including all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness.
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By using this site, you agree not to endeavor to change, add to, remove, mutilate, hack or otherwise interfere with the content, or performance, of this site or any content displayed on this site.Website Trade Ltd. restricts and expressly forbids any person or company not authorized by Website Trade Ltd., from soliciting any websitetrade.com user for purposes of representing them in the sale of their Websites and Domains listed on WebsiteTrade.com.Website Trade Ltd. holds the rights to terminate or restrict access of any user, person or company not authorized by Website Trade Ltd., that is engaged in the solicitation of users, unilaterally and without notice. Website Trade Ltd. reserves any and all remedies at law in association with breaching of these policies.

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This Agreement shall be subject to and construed according to the laws of the England, United kingdom. Any suit to enforce any provision of this agreement must be filed in the city of London.

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