How to setup Link exchange via Email


Promoting Your Website – How To Set-Up Link Exchanges Via Email

Email is a very powerful method of marketing – it costs nothing but can reap huge rewards. By emailing the Webmaster of other websites you can set-up a large number of link exchanges quickly and easily. In this tutorial I’ll explain how to do this.

There are two ways of finding websites to set-up link exchanges with. The first is to use the normal search engine results to find a list of relevant sites to exchange links with. You can then create a link to their website, then email the Webmaster ( to say you’ve provided a link to their website and in return ask that they provide a link to your website. This can be done with a large number of websites in a reasonably short amount of time.

The other method is to obtain a list of websites that are providing links to your competitor websites, then as above, link to their website and request a reciprocal link to your website. You can obtain a list of websites that link to another website by using Google, Yahoo or MSN. For example to find the websites that are providing links to you can type the following in the search engines: -




It is useful to keep track the emails you have sent so that you can see which websites have then replied and which haven’t – a spreadsheet is useful for this. If after say 10days the Webmaster has not replied, you could try sending another email, or simply remove the link you have added to their site.

You can use WebLink SEO to monitor your email campaigns. WebLink enables you to automatically send emails to hundreds of webmasters using email templates. Each template can use variables which enable the email to be customized for each website, e.g. stating the URL of their link on my website, without me having to write each individual email myself. Once the emails have been sent I can then monitor which websites have provided a reciprocal link, and which have not. Once the link exchanges have been created with other websites, WebLink SEO can then automatically check your link partners to ensure they are still providing links. I could go on for pages listing exactly how the software works, but the best was is just to try it.

I hope this guide has given you an insight as to how you can utilise email to promote your website and set-up reciprocal link exchanges.

In the next guide I will show you how you can find websites that have ‘submit your site’ features on their website, which allows you to enter your link details in order to get listed in their link pages.

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