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Promoting Your Website - How to Find Link Submission Forms

Many website now operate a ‘submit-your-site’ facility which allows you to enter your link details in order to get listed in their link pages. This is a quick and easy way of getting backlinks to your website. In this guide I’ll tell you how to find websites that are relevant to your website that also have a submit your site facility, this ensure you are only exchanging links with websites that a similar to your own site topic.

To access these link submission forms on a website you usually click on a link on the site which says “add your site”, “add your url”, or “submit your site”. So, if we search in Google for the term “submit your site” and the topic of your website, then you will find websites that have a similar topic to your website and which also contain the term “submit your site” on a web page, which is exactly what you’re looking for.

So let’s try an example. Let’s say I operate a website that sells flowers, I want to find other flower-related websites that have a submit your site feature. So in a search engine I type “submit your site” flowers

Description: google search showing link submission forms

If I then click on one of the results we can see that there is indeed a submission form that enables me to enter my link details, which will then be added to their link pages.

Description: finding submission forms

Most of the websites that have these submit your site facilities require you to provide a link to their website before you submit your link details, so if the site asks for the location of their reciprocal link then you’d better provide a link to their website, otherwise your link submission won’t be successful.

WebLink SEO, contains a ‘Find Link Submission Forms’ tool, which automates the above process. Not only does it find the link submission forms, but it also has an autofill facility which means you only need to enter your link details once. Then, each time you need to enter your link details you just need to press a button and WebLink SEO will enter your details for you!

WebLink SEO also remembers which websites you’ve submitted your link details to, so you don’t waste time submitting your link details to a website more than once. It also enables you to automatically create a reciprocal link to their website before submitting your link details.

Here’s a quick demo of how the tool works in WebLink SEO.

I enter my search criteria in the search form

Description: searching for link submission forms

WebLink SEO will then finds a list of websites that contain ‘submit your site’ forms that match the topic I entered in the search criteria. It can also check on the web page that there is actually a submission form, not just some text saying “submit your site”.

Description: websites with submission forms


Next I can select a row from the table and WebLink SEO will display the web page containing the link submission form.

Because the website requests a reciprocal link I can create a new outgoing link to the website I am submitting to, and upload my link pages from directly within the software.

Description: creating a new outgoing link

Then, using the auto complete function in WebLink SEO I can enter my link details and submit my link details to be added to their link pages: -

Description: entering details into submission form

In addition to the tool that finds these ‘submit your site’ facilities, WebLink SEO also creates a submit your site feature for your own website! This is an easy way of obtaining backlinks to your site since the people submitting their link details will be required to provide a link to your website.

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