Choosing The Keywords Your Website Should Target


Choosing The Keywords Your Website Should Target

Choosing which keywords your website should target is perhaps the most important decision you can make when beginning search engine optimization.The aim of keyword research is to discover which words and phrases will not only bring traffic to your website, but more importantly, bring targeted traffic to your site. Targeted traffic is the traffic that will generate most sales as the searchers will actually get what they are looking for when they enter your website.


Before you use the first keyword that pops into your head it’s wise to first do some research, firstly to find out how difficult it will be to get a good ranking for your chosen keywords and also the number of people that enter those keywords into the search engines, which will give you some idea on the amount of traffic you can expect.


Research Your Keyword

In order to research your keywords you can use SEO Profiler's Keyword Research tool. The keyword research tool enables you to enter a word or phrase and view other similar words/phrases that people have search for, and also how many competitor websites there are for each keyword suggestion. This enables you to search for niche keywords that do not have high levels of competition while also generating targeted traffic to your website.

For example, lets pretend you operate a website that sells wedding cakes. We can see from the Overture Keyword Research tool that the number of people who typed “wedding cakes” into Overture was 155,018 for the previous month.




However, let’s assume the product or service your website offers is not available to a global audience, but rather you want to target a local audience. There’s little point targeting the phrase “wedding cakes” as the majority of people that come to your site won’t be able to buy any wedding cakes as they might not be in the same country as the shop itself! You might get a large amount of traffic to your site, but it’s unlikely you will get good conversion rates, and also the additional time you spent optimizing for this popular phrase could be wasted. Instead you should try to get ‘Targeted Traffic’. This is where you get traffic to your site that is most likely to lead to a sale.


So let’s say our wedding shop is in New York. Rather than targeting the keyword “wedding cakes” you should target “wedding cakes new york”.



If we now look at the overture keyword tool again, we can see that the number of people that type “wedding cakes new york” was less than the number that typed “wedding cakes”, but because we've targeted a more specific phrase, the visitors you do get will be more likely to lead to a sale. It will also be much easier to get a high ranking in the search engines for the term “wedding cakes new york” as there is less competition for that particular phrase.

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