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Business Services is proud to offer you its business formation services. Our business services enable you to register and setup your physical or virtual business in UK and around the Europe. Internet has revolutionized the way businesses are being conducted today. A small internet based home business operated from one part of Asia has its most of the clients from Europe & America and vice versa.

When it comes to internet business no matter it’s a small B2C website or huge B2B market place, the credibility of company and business matters a lot. Suppose you are a leather or textile supplier, individual or a company located in some part of Asia where as your target market is present in Europe & America and 90% of your sales rely on the business outside your home country. The study shows that due to increasing scam and fake companies over 85% of the small & medium size companies from Europe & USA are scared of doing business with suppliers & companies from outsourcing countries such as China, India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. It is a bitter fact that the western companies feel more comfortable conducting business with an official representative of an Asian company located in Europe and it is ideal for them when the business office is located in UK as it’s the Europe’s financial hub.

We at are glad to assist our clients in setting up their own UK & European companies without visiting abroad. In the last year we have successfully registered over 300 UK Ltd companies for our clients with a success rate of 100%. The most of the applicants are from South Asian countries. Our clients belong to various business fields including web development companies, leather & textile, chemical & engineering industries. Many people like to register their companies in advance who are not currently in to business but want to visit and settle in UK or Europe in future.

In addition to company registration our clients also require local bank account, telephone and fax numbers of the respective country where their company is being incorporated. We also provide virtual addresses and mail forwarding service in which we manage our client’s daily Mails, Cheque etc and forward them to their addresses In their home country. We also provide trademark registration services and enable our clients to register and protect their trademarks in the European Union through European community trademark (ECT).

Below is the detailed list of our business formation services.

UK Company Registration (Fast Track) ORDER NOW - JUST £149

UK company registration with is fast and simple. Every nationality holder can apply. Moreover, your presence in UK is Not Required.  Our consultant will contact you and take care of everything as soon as you have made the payment. You will be asked to provide us below information.

  • 1-     Full Name Of Director  (as appear on your passport or national id card)
  • 2-    Date Of Birth
  • 3-    Complete Address  (in your home country)
  • 4-    Current Occupation
  • 5-    Your Desired Company Name
  • 6-    Your Company Address in UK   (we will provide the UK address for you.)
  • 7-    ´Consent To Act' information:  In place of a signature you will need to provide 3 items of personal information from the following 6 categories: Town of birth, Last 3 digits of telephone number, Last 3 digits of Passport number, Mother’s maiden name, Eye Color, Father’s first name.

Once you have provided us the above information except number (6) our consultant will start the company registration process. Normally it takes around 2-3 business days for the successful registration of your UK Private Limited Company. Once your company has been registered we will immediately send you the digital version of your company documents where as the paper documents will be delivered in next 10 days to the address in your home country.

Mail Forwarding Service   ORDER NOW - JUST £190 Annually

Once your private limited company is registered in UK, you might want to start the business right away. Depending upon your nature of business you might have to receive lot of Mails, Cheques and Parcels from your customers worldwide. If this is the case we will take care of all your mails. We will receive your mails from your customers at your company’s UK address and forward the mails to the address of your home country. We can also scan or fax the mail to you for a fast delivery of your mails.

Please note that the Mail Forwarding Service is an optional service and depend on individual’s need. It is not necessary to purchase Mail forwarding service for your company if you simply need to register your company.

UK Bank Account   ORDER NOW - JUST £99

Opening a bank account is the basic need of an individual or business person. Either you are an individual living outside UK or a company registered in UK, in both cases we can get you with a personal or business bank account in UK. Personal bank account does not require a company registration in UK. Any one above 18 years of age living outside UK can apply for UK bank account. There is no nationality or location restriction. The UK Bank account is ideal for frequent travelers, tourists, students and investors planning to move to UK. Our Bank account service gives you the freedom to open your UK bank accounts in USD, Euro and/or in Sterling.

Our consultants will send you the Bank account application form soon after receiving the payment. The below documents are required along with the signed application form.

  • 1-    Certified Copy of National ID Card (in both English & your native language)
  • 2-    Certified Copy of Passport
  • 3-    3 Months pay slips or a letter from your employer written by your manager, Human Resources or payroll department on company headed paper

Note: Bank may request for additional documents. The entire process may take up to 25 business days.

UK + Worldwide Landline Number ORDER NOW- JUST  £15 (One Time Activation Charges)+ £10 Monthly

Our UK phone number enables your clients from UK and around the world to call you on your UK phone number  and the calls are diverted to your local phone or mobile number of your home country. The monthly package include 135 free minutes every month which means you will be able to receive 2hours & 15 minutes duration of calls from your customers across the globe. Other than UK we provide the Landline and Toll Free numbers  of more than 90 Countries including USA, Germany, Japan, China and many others. The prices for all other countries are same as UK.

UK + Worldwide Fax Number  ORDER NOW- JUST  £15(One Time Activation Charges)+ £10 Monthly

Our worldwide fax numbers enable you to send and receive faxes on your UK and international fax numbers. There is absolutely no need of any hardware or telephone line for sending or receiving faxes. All you need is an internet connection to send or receive the faxes. The received faxes are instantly emailed to you in PDF form. You can send the faxes  simply by scanning or taking photo from your mobile phone and uploading it to your online fax account.  Your fax number become your travel companion and it is always with you no matter in which part of the world you are.

Merchant Account & Credit Card Processing Services  ORDER NOW- JUST  £49

We offer credit card processing services for your website and online business independent of your physical and business location and enable you to accept credit cards from your customers from worldwide. We accept almost all type of high risk businesses including pharmacy, gambling, telemarketing, jewelry, internet services & hosting . We also welcome new businesses and online shops which do not have any sales history. Our merchant accounts let you to process your transactions in multi currencies including USD, Euro, GBP and many others.

Anyone can apply for an offshore internet merchant account for his website or online shop independent of his physical location. It is a simple 3 steps process.

1-    We enable your website to accept major credit cards i.e Visa, Master, Discover etc

2-    Your customers pay on your website using their credit card and the payment go directly to your merchant account.

3-    The payment is then transfer  from your Merchant account to your physical bank account anywhere in the world.


  • 1.    You must be 18 years of age and hold a national Id card or valid passport.
  • 2.    You must have  a live and fully functional website.
  • 3.    Your business terms & condition, delivery time and  refund and/or exchange policies should be clearly mentioned on your website.


Note: Your bank statement issued by your bank in your country of residence and utility bills may require as proof of your address in your home country

For All your questions and queries please email to : 
you may also reach us at below phone numbers:



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